Uyghur Campaign

Latest Updates

Here you’ll find links to the latest news stories about the Uyghur genocide. Make sure to check this page regularly for a one-stop-shop for all the latest reports and news articles. To be able to effectively advocate for the Uyghurs we must be as knowledgeable as possible: 

This is an eloquent call-to-arms by Chief Rabbi Mirvis, discussing the necessity to act

This is a summary of the latest report to come out of East Turkestan/Xinjiang on the state of forced labour in the camps. 

Rahima Mahmut is a leading Uyghur campaigner based in the UK. She is the UK project director of the World Uyghur Congress and the director of StopUyghurGenocide. Read her moving response to the Chief Rabbi here


Student News

Our students are hard at work campaigning on their campuses against the Uyghur genocide. One issue they have been particularly vocal on is the Genocide Amendment, which is an amendment that seeks to allow the UK High Court to adjudicate on whether Genocide is being committed. 

Bath Jsoc and Bristol Jsoc worked together to pen an interfaith open letter to John Penrose MP in support of the Genocide Amendment. 

Cambridge students, Joel Rosen and Gil Rubin pen an interfaith open letter urging their fellow students to write to their MPs to support the Genocide Amendment. 

Durham student, Ari Deller, writes in the Jewish Chronicle about the necessity of the Genocide Amendment. 

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