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Liberation Conference 2020

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Liberation Conference 2020

Do you identify as LGBT+, Woman, Disabled, Person of Colour, Working class? Or are you an ally? 

Then come to our amazing Liberation Conference 2020!

Empowering women, LGBT+ and disabled students is at the heart of UJS’ work on Liberation. These groups are traditionally marginalised from Jewish spaces and activities, so we view it as our mission to make our spaces more inclusive.

UJS launched its annual Liberation Conference in 2015, pioneered by former President Hannah Brady. The first Liberation Conference educated and empowered those who attended, with a wide range of speakers who spoke authentically and anecdotally from personal experience. What makes our Liberation Conference so unique is that it’s facilitated and run by passionate student activists from across the country.

UJS Liberation Networks are part of an initiative that aims to open up conversation and discussion around the experiences of students who identify with marginalised or minority groups.

5 years on and we're excited to be holding Liberation Conference 2020 on 6th January!

Come to a London location for a jam packed day of discussion, education and allyship. Have your voice heard, engage in productive dialogue and attend unique sessions from guest speakers, whilst enjoying a free lunch! 

Some highlights of our upcoming Liberation Conference 2020:

Launch of Period Poverty Campaign
LGBT+ & Torah through Art..
What are their names? What are their stories?
Intersectionality: Faith & Identity
Liberation group Caucuses

What a day!!! Sign up now:👉


See you there! 

Message Georgie ([email protected]) or Esther ([email protected]) if you have any questions :) 

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