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Approx Jewish Students on campus - 40+

Joint Society with both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam. We run a wide range of events catering to Jewish students on campus, we are a warm and inclusive environment for all university students and cannot wait to welcome both returning and new members to our J-Soc.


Your favourite J-Soc event:

Our favourite event is Friday Night Dinner, it's great to get everyone together and have something to eat (and drink of course) at the end of the week. The friendly, welcoming and upbeat atmosphere makes this event even more special.

Kosher Food & Accommodation

There is a small selection of kosher food in Waitrose. The closest bigger Jewish community is Leeds, where kosher food can be ordered from. Speak to the Chaplain for more information. 

Local Synagogue Information

United Synagogue Sheffield

Sheffield Jewish Congregation and centre


The UJS Sabbatical Officer for this campus is Dora


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