UJS Student Awards 2020 - And the nominees are...

After receiving over 100 nominations, we are delighted to announce this year’s nominees for the 2020 UJS Student Awards!

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Education Project of the Year (in honour of Fred Worms OBE)
  • Natasha Hertz, Birmingham J-Soc
  • Joel Freedman, Bristol J-Soc
  • Shira Malkin, Plymouth J-Soc
  • Erin Waks, Durham J-Soc
  • Greta Grossman, Durham J-Soc
Interfaith Project of the Year
  • Stav Salpeter, Edinburgh J-Soc
  • Sara Grant, Cardiff J-Soc
  • Rebecca Selt, Exeter J-Soc
  • Tory Selwyn, UEA J-Soc
Liberation Activist of the Year
  • Peter Strauss, Oxford Brookes J-Soc
  • Joel Rosen, Cambridge J-Soc 
  • Lucy Benjamin, Birmingham J-Soc
Israel Engagement Initiative of the Year (in partnership with UJIA)
  • Emmanuelle Benjamin & Alex Halperin, UCL J-Soc
  • Angus Taylor, Warwick JISoc
  • Talia Rose Sofizade, Cardiff J-Soc
  • Adam Grossman, Leeds J-Soc
  • Albert Tamman, KCL J-Soc
  • Sabrina Miller, Bristol J-Soc
Campaign of the Year (in partnership with CST)
  • Ben Harari, Nottingham J-Soc
  • Warwick JISoc
  • Sara Felberg, Leeds J-Soc
  • Birmingham J-Soc
  • Joshua Mercer, Birmingham J-Soc
Event of the Year
  • Miriam Makin, Talia Gilbey, Durham J-Soc
  • KCL J-Soc
  • Yaffa Judah, Manchester J-Soc
  • Angus Taylor and Zak Wagman, Warwick JISoc
  • Sylvie Hodes and Josh Daniel, Cambridge J-Soc
J-Soc of the Year
  • Exeter J-Soc
  • Aberdeen J-Soc
  • Warwick JISoc
  • LSE J-Soc
  • Bristol J-Soc
  • Edinburgh J-Soc
Rising Student Leader of the Year
  • Tali Fraser, Leeds J-Soc
  • Joel Azulay, Queen Mary J-Soc
  • Ari Deller, Edinburgh J-Soc
  • Charlotte Santer, Middlesex J-Soc
  • Lucinda Bathie, Glasgow J-Soc
  • Matthew Clayman, Exeter J-Soc
  • Olivia Fletcher, Belfast
  • Nina Freedman, Bristol J-Soc

Alan Senitt Outstanding Contribution to Campus Life

  • Zak Wagman, Warwick JISoc
  • Emma Jacobs, Leeds J-Soc
  • Nathan Boroda, Warwick JISoc
  • Eli Vidal, Hertfordshire J-Soc
  • Shira Collins, Leeds J-Soc

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We are the voice of over 8,500 Jewish students, spanning 60 Jewish Societies (J-Socs) on campuses across the UK and Ireland. We are traditional, progressive, cultural and spiritual; we come from the left, centre and right and can be found across religious and political spectrums.

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