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Welcome to the UJS Team 2020-21

Latest Updates

Welcome to the UJS Team 2020-21

We are delighted to announce the team to work with your J-Socs over the next year, our UJS Sabbatical Team 2020-21!

Everyone is really looking forward to facilitate and support your activities on campus. James and all of the other officers can't wait to continue leading, defending and enriching Jewish life on Campus! Keep reading to find out more about the new team!#


James Harris

Hi! I’m James, and I’m your UJS President for 2020-21! I was born and raised in London, and studied Politics at the University of Birmingham.

While I was at university, I was JSOC President in my first year, representing Birmingham’s 1000+ Jewish students. This and so many incredible experiences that UJS and others have facilitated for me, including representing Jewish students at the Board of Deputies, has empowered me to be the voice of Jewish students, leading a national union that works for Jewish students and that is held to account by Jewish students.

I’m so excited to be working with and empowering the amazing Jewish students that I was elected to represent, without whom UJS wouldn’t exist. Going into its second century, we’ll be building on the incredible work done over the last 100 years to make UJS a more democratic institution, and to create more vibrant and engaging programming than ever before! If you have any ideas or events for your JSOC, more national projects, or even for a chat, please reach out to me!

In my spare time, you can often catch me getting clued up on all issues political!

Bradley Langer 

Hi! My name is Bradley Langer. I’m originally from Essex and attended Coventry University studying Economics. Last year I was the Campaigns sabbatical officer but am very excited to be returning to the UJS team this year as the Campaigns organiser. I’m passionate and eager to work with so many fantastic students. While studying I got involved in my J-Soc being on committee 2 years and taking over as president in my final year of study. I also got involved in student politics being elected as the student safety officer and representing my University at NUS national conference. I love travelling the country visiting so many fantastic Jsocs of all sizes and attending amazing events. I’m always happy to stop and talk about politics, sports, country music or any other interesting topic!

Amanda Sefton 

Hi all! I'm Amanda Sefton and I'm so excited to be on the Sabbatical team 2020/21. This is going to be an amazing year with a fab team and I can't wait to see what we can all accomplish together. A bit about me; I studied politics at Birmingham, and currently finishing my term as education officer at the guild of students. Some of my favourite things to do include cooking, dancing and travelling. I'm a little bit of a disney fanatic and my favourite place in the world is Disneyland. I can't wait to start this new position and do what I can to support Jewish students on campus! 


Shiri Wolff

Hey everyone! My name is Shiri Wolff and I am originally from Israel but I grew up in Prague. I attended Lancaster University and last year I was the Communications and Israel Trips sabbatical officer, and this year I am so happy to be the new Communications Officer! I am really looking forward to continuing to support and meet Jewish students across the country!

In 2016, after attending the English International School of Prague, I moved to the UK two months after turning 18. I went to Lancaster University to study BSc Human Resource Management as well as minoring in Marketing. I served as treasurer in my second and third year of University and attended UJS summit twice as a student and once as a Sabbatical Officer. I never really knew what it meant to be 'Jewish' until I started attending J-Soc and am excited to continue exploring my Jewish identity as well as supporting others to do the same. I can't wait to work with Jewish students across the country with their events and expressing their Jewish identity, in particular through communication (Also excited to see the fab events J-Socs put on during the year) :)


Gil Rubin 

My name is Gil Rubin and I am from Israel, but I grew up in Christchurch (Dorset, not New Zealand!). I am very excited to be on your UJS sabbatical team for the year 2020/21, focusing on interfaith, social action, and Israel trips, and even more excited to facilitate and expand Jewish life on campus! I am in my final year at the University of Cambridge studying Politics and International Relations.

During my time at university I got stuck into as much of campus life as I could! To name a few things: I was active in my college community, serving as security officer for our biennial Ball, played on our college badminton team, and studied Arabic at the Language Centre. But being at university also opened me up to exploring my Jewish identity and to the importance of campaigning for Jewish issues through experiences on UJS programs and events such as Manhigut and NUS conference. I am looking forward to providing these experiences for a new generation of students and, consequently, making Jewish life thrive on campus!

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