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On Sunday, 14th of June, UJS was proud to host a panel discussion with Uyghur Muslims. We heard about their activism stories and advice and about their experiences growing up in Urumqi or living as Uyghurs around the world. Click here to see the live event on our Facebook page. 

The panelists provided a comprehensive list of resources, from links to advice, to help get informed about the cultural genocide of the Uyghurs happening right now.


The Tarim Network

Click here to find out about Uyghur history, culture, religion, language, food and geography! 


Here are 11 action items everyone can try to take part in:

Build alliances with all people of conscience to demand a cessation of China’s oppression of all faith groups, be it Muslim Uyghur, Hui, Christian or Tibetan Buddhist

1. Keep making prayer for the oppressed of East Turkistan and the world
2. Boycott Chinese products– do not be complicit in slave-labour
3. Raise awareness on the plight of Uyghurs and the East Turkistani cause, learn more at
4. Build alliances with all people of conscience to demand a cessation of China’s oppression of all faith groups, be it Muslim Uyghur, Hui, Christian or Tibetan Buddhist
5. Pressure governments to provide legal protection to Uyghur refugees-exiles by either citizenship or refugee-asylee status. Stop the “extradition-repatriation” of Uyghurs to China!
6. Get your universities-endowments to divest from China. Raise awareness about Chinese espionage and hired guns in academia. Demand academic and financial support for Uyghur scholars and students.
7. Request more academic attention and funds for Central Asian, Uyghur, Turkistani studies
8. If you are a scholar or academic, sign the Statement by Concerned Scholars on China’s Mass Detention of Turkic People. If you are a student and your professors have not signed it, bring this issue to light with them and send this link to them.
9. Support the #NoRightsNoGames2022 campaign. Sign the petition (
10. Work towards reducing your country’s economic dependence on China
11. Inquire about Uyghur diaspora members in your area. Organize to help out orphans, widows, and students.


Uyghur Solidarity Campaign

The Uyghur Solidarity Campaign in the UK organised monthly protests outside the Chinese Embassy in London before lockdown. And have recently been taking action against Apple, GAP and MUJI use of forced Uyghur labour. Please see:


Independent Report about the Boycott Movement

For those interested in the boycott movement, this is the independent report created by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute digging deep into the evidence for the threads in these companies tracing back to the concentration camps:


Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China

This group is promoting active solidarity with the Hong Kong resistance to Beijing's authoritarian rule:

Check out their website:


Contact information for the Panelists!

Zulkayda Mamat, Email:

Zaf Ablikim, Email: ; Instagram: @don.zaf

Dilzat Turdi, Email: and if you’re interested in Uyghur music you can check out our page on Instagram: uyghureuropeanensemble or myself Dilzat Turdi

Zumretay Arkin, Email:; Website: www.uyghurcongress.orgSocial media: uyghurcongress





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