Shlichot Sessions 2024

Zionism Sessions 2024

On this page you can find many different sessions on Zionism offered by our Shlichot, Adi and Linoy. Fill out this form to arrange for them to visit your campus! To view the other categories check out our other Shlichot Sessions. 

Chavruta Time - Zionism: Past, Present, Future 

When you hear the word Zionism, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Many struggle to define what Zionism is and who is a Zionist. Has the vision of Zionism become something unidentifiable as political factions over the years have transformed it into something one cannot identify with? Is Zionism still relevant at all? 

In small groups, we will study texts by rabbis and poets who engaged in a discourse about the yearning for the Land of Israel. We will discuss whether and how these texts are relevant to our time, and how things have changed since those days. We'll delve into the question of what Zionism was, what it is, and how it has changed over time in the past, present, and future. 

Jewish identity = Israeli identity?  

Israel is the Jewish state. The Jewish people has been connected to it for thousands of generations, we learn about it in many points in life and mention Jerusalem every year in the Passover Haggadah, and yet, every person in the Jewish community has different identity components and a type of connection to Israel. 

How does that make us feel as individuals and as a group? Is Israel an inseparable part of the Jewish identity? 

In this session we will talk about this connection and the way it makes us feel within our community. We will learn about Israel’s national anthem and the identity of its biggest protestor (you’ll be surprised), and lastly, we will discuss and learn from each other’s thoughts and feelings towards Israel. 

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