Combatting Antisemitism

Antisemitism Awareness Training

Since June 2020 UJS have delivered over 50 sessions of antisemitism awareness training, to Student Union staff including Sabbatical Officers, in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills to call out antisemitism on campus and support their Jewish students. The training is delivered by our Head of Campaigns Amanda Sefton and our Campaigns Sabbatical Officer Faye Huberman.

The training goes through both historical and modern examples of antisemitism, globally and on campus. We then look at how student unions can help their Jewish students and key steps they can take to be more inclusive for Jewish students.

Here are some comments made by past attendees of our training:

‘The history that was provided with the session was extremely useful as it allowed me to understand where this issue stems from. It was also very powerful to have a Jewish lady conduct the training as personal/relevant examples were provided which helped me understand this issue better.’

‘The Jewish community is not very present in Bath and I have never really learnt much about the religion or community before but this talk was really informative and Bradley was a really engaging speaker’

‘I loved the session, unfortunately it highlighted to me how little I knew prior to the session but I'm really grateful that I could attend.’

‘It was really good, I learned so much about Judaism (historical and contemporary) and the experience of Jewish students (particularly like how you involved our Jewish Society!). I also found the point-by-point explanation of the definition of anti-Semitism really helpful in clearing some misconceptions I had.’

If you are interested in having UJS deliver this training at your Students Union please click here. Please note that we deliver this training both in person and virtually, free of charge, and we recommend a maximum of 25-30 people per session.

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