Combatting Antisemitism

Paramount to all the work we do is ensuring Jewish student safety and combatting antisemitism on campus. We are leading the fight through different campaigns and projects, and working closely with the Community Security Trust to educate the wider student community on tackling anti-Jewish Racism. Read below the current campaigns we are running to educate, combat and raise awareness around this issue.

Our student activists are at the heart of any project and campaign we deliver, encouraging them to get involved with their local students’ union, engage with the national student movement, and create new initiatives to educate their student community on antisemitism. We offer development and training sessions for our activists, equipping them with the skills to be confident in standing up against antisemitism. If you are a student who wants to find out more and get involved, please get in touch. 

If you are concerned about antisemitism on your campus, please contact UJS and CST to report an incident and receive support. Students who would like to help ensure the safety of their peers are encouraged to find out more about joining CST’s Student Security Officers here.

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