Combatting Antisemitism

Antisemitism Awareness Weeks

This year, for the first time, we are running a flagship campaign to educate the wider student population about antisemitism. Fighting antisemitism is a core aim of UJS and this project should help to do so on a national level.

By dispelling popular misconceptions and showing the reality of the situation for British Jews, we hope to create a higher level of awareness of the anti-Jewish racism that exists in our society. With potential speakers, training sessions and the play ‘A Lizard’s Tale’ by Marlon Solomon, we have lots of options to offer to your campus.

This project will run in the first 2 weeks of February from 31st January-11th February and will cover as many campuses as possible.

We would like to see this happening in partnership with J-Socs and Students’ Unions so that we can spread the word as far as possible.

Want to run this campaign on your campus? Speak to Nina Freedman, our President. 

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