Combatting Antisemitism

Antisemitism Awareness Week

This year, for the first time, we are running a flagship campaign to educate the wider student population about antisemitism. Fighting antisemitism is a core aim of UJS and this project should help to do so on a national level.

By dispelling popular misconceptions and showing the reality of the situation for British Jews, we hope to create a higher level of awareness of the anti-Jewish racism that exists in our society.

Click here to see our Antisemitism Awareness Week Guide for ideas and speakers to choose from.

This project will run in the first 2 weeks of February from 31st January-11th February and will cover as many campuses as possible.


Is my campus running an event?

LSE - hosting Stand Up! on 31/1/22

Sussex - hosting Winston Pickett on 1/2/22

Durham - hosting Dr Dave Rich on 1/2/22

Queen Mary/Glasgow/Birmingham/Oxford/St George's - co-hosting Ben Freeman on 3/2/22

Middlesex - hosting a film screening and information stall on 7/2/22

Cambridge - hosting Marlon Solomon's 'A Lizard's Tale' on 7/2/22

Glasgow - hosting Antisemitism on Social Media: Presentation & Discussion on 7/2/22

Bristol - hosting Dr Dave Rich on 7/2/22

KCL - hosting Dr Dave Rich on 8/2/22

Warwick - hosting Dr Dave Rich on 8/2/22

Nottingham - hosting Daniel Marcus on 8/2/22

Huddersfield - hosting Nina Freedman on 10/2/22

Lancaster - hosting Nina Freedman on 10/2/22

Leicester - hosting Nina Freedman on 17/2/22


Want to run this campaign on your campus or find out more about any of these events? Speak to Nina Freedman, our President. 

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