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After a Freedom of Information request campaign and investigation by UJS, on the 30th September UJS announced that only 28 out of 133 Higher education institutions had adopted the IHRA definition of antisemitism. The adoption of this definition is the first step to ensuring that Jewish students are protected, it is outrageous that after multiple government interventions only 1 in 5 have so far adopted it. UJS saw communal and national coverage of this, including Jewish News, Jewish Chronicle and the Telegraph.

We know Jewish students play the biggest role and therefore we need Jewish students across the country to be putting pressure on their university management. We thank the students that have worked so hard to get this definition adopted on their campuses and we are continuously working with students on the ground to combat antisemitism. 

UJS has been working with Members of Parliaments who have repeatedly raised this issue with Government Ministers resulting in a Westminster Hall debate on the 6th of October. 

On the 9th of October, Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education, wrote to all educational institutions registered to the OFS to demand that they adopt the IHRA definition by Christmas 2020.

The Community Security Trust released a report in December titled Campus Antisemitism in Britain 2018-2020. In the previous two academic years CST saw 123 antisemetic incidents. They have made a number of recommendations to universities, one being the adoption of the IHRA definition of antisemitism. This reaffirms the hard work both UJS, J-Socs and Jewish students do on campus. 

On the 21st December 2020, the University of Oxford adopted the IHRA definition of antisemitism in full, joining the growing list of UK universities, along with the University of Cambridge. This should be an example to all other higher education institutes of the importance of adopting this definition. 

Since the release of our research, an additional 23 institutions have adopted this critical definition. 

Below are all the institutions that have adopted the IHRA definition of antisemitism: 


  • Bath Spa University
  • Birbeck, University of London
  • Bucks New University
  • Central School of Speech and Drama
  • Coventry University 
  • Durham University
  • Edge Hill University 
  • Guildhall School of Music and Drama
  • Imperial College London
  • Institute of Education: University of London
  • Kings College London (KCL)
  • Lancaster University
  • London Metropolitan University 
  • London School of Hygiene
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Newcastle University 
  • Nottingham Trent University 
  • Plymouth University 
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • Royal Academy of Music
  • Royal College of Music 
  • Royal Veterinary College
  • University College London (UCL)
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Bolton
  • University of Bristol


  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Chester
  • University of East Anglia
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Essex 
  • University of Exeter
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Gloucestershire
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • University of Leeds 
  • University of Lincoln 
  • University of Liverpool 
  • University of Manchester 
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Salford
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Southampton 
  • University of Surrey 
  • University of Sussex
  • University of the Arts London
  • University of Warwick
  • University of Worcester
  • University of York 
  • York St John University

Adopted after September 30th 2020 

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