The local elections , what are Jewish students saying? Bradley Langer - Conservatives

On 3rd May the people will go to the polls once again. I know what you are thinking, as Brenda from Bristol put it, “not another one!”. In just the last few years we have had two general elections and a referendum that has resulted in the largest constitutional change in modern British history. Nevertheless, the upcoming local elections are arguably the vote that will have the most impact on your day to day life. You get to decide who will run your local council, ensure bins get collected regularly, pot holes are fixed, trees trimmed, houses built and the public gardens watered.

Conservative councils up and down the country continue to offer great services while keeping your council taxes low. They know the importance of clean streets and green spaces which communities desperately need to stay healthy. The Conservatives have promised to build homes where they’re urgently needed.  Homes are important, but so is ensuring our great green belt stays intact, something my local Conservative Party has had to fight the Labour run council hard on.

We have seen the results of a national government run by the Conservatives; more people in work now than ever before, unemployment at its lowest for 43 years and the first budget surplus since 2001. Given this record nationally, imagine the benefits to your local community by voting Conservative on 3rd May.

Remember that the people you are electing stand under the banner and leadership of their national party.  Local elections are traditionally seen as an indicator of public opinion on the performance of the national parties. The Conservatives have shown continued support for the Jewish community throughout their time in government. Sajid Javid, the cabinet minister responsible for local government, has written to all council leaders to urge them to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism. Meanwhile the Labour Party have this week refused to do the same and to this day still count Ken Livingstone as a member. Be in no doubt, a strong performance by Labour in these elections will be used by their national leadership as an endorsement of their current approach to these issues and will result in action being even less likely.

If you want a local council that cares about your community and green spaces, that will invest in local infrastructure, that will fix the pot holes then the Conservative Party is for you. If you’re tired of rises in council tax and want services to improve then the Conservatives are for you.  If you want a local government who will not be bystanders while racists are allowed to spread their hatred, then vote Conservative 3rd May.

Bradley Langer, Coventry 


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