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The National Jewish Student Survey 2024

Latest Updates

The National Jewish Student Survey 2024

UJS has released the National Jewish Student Survey 2024 - 'Creating Community, Fostering Leadership'

UJS has released the National Jewish Student Survey 2024, a comprehensive study of the Jewish student experience. The second ever of its kind, this study draws on the themes of resilience and strength amongst today’s Jewish student body.

The survey, which recorded over 1,000 student submissions between June and November 2023, highlights a range of experiences of Jewish students from antisemitism and Israel experiences to mental health, Jewish life on campus, and post-university plans.

It is important to note that this survey received 85% of its responses prior to October 7th 2023.

Please see below an executive summary of the report’s key findings:

  • UJS’ Jewish Societies and national UJS programming are the most popular Jewish provision with 89% and 63% of Jewish students participating respectively.
  • Top worries for Jewish students are the cost of living, events in Israel, antisemitism and climate change.
  • More than 4 in 5 (84%) say that they have opportunities for meaningful Jewish experiences.
  • 40% of Jewish students directly experienced antisemitism. 78% have experienced ‘casual’ antisemitism.
  • 81% are worried about antisemitism on campus
  • Jewish students have strong and positive feelings about Israel whilst only 14% would not identify as Zionist
  • 74% of Jewish students have reported experiencing a Mental Health difficulty in the last 12 months, nearly half (48%) have accessed support.

UJS would like to thank our communal partners and supporters for of the National Jewish Student Survey 2024: the Board of Deputies of British Jews, CST, JLC, Jewish News, PJS, University Jewish Chaplaincy, and UJIA.

UJS Head of Leadership Development, Sarah Wilks said: “This is the first comprehensive study of Jewish student life since 2011, and the second ever. These results are hugely important and will shape UJS’ ongoing work to support Jewish students and provide the leadership skills, opportunities, and Jewish experiences that inspire so many to be active members of the Jewish community”

UJS President, Edward Isaacs said: “This survey provides invaluable insight into the experiences of Jewish students. Despite the challenges and complexities of Jewish campus life which stray far beyond the well documented reality of campus antisemitism, it is clear Jewish students have never been more motivated than they are now to live a meaningful Jewish life on campus. It is with pride that UJS continues to welcome more and more Jewish students to events and opportunities on campus than ever before. These insights will not only drive our work in the years ahead but should serve as a roadmap for the Jewish community to guarantee our collective future.”

You can read the full report by clicking here.

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