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New UJS Sabbatical Team 2022-23!!!!

Latest Updates

New UJS Sabbatical Team 2022-23!!!!

We are so excited to finally share our full sabbatical team for next year!!! Huge Mazel Tov and we can't wait to see all the amazing things you do soon!

Meet the new team below 


Joel, President

I go to Cambridge University and studied History. 

I am excited to visit and support J-Socs across the country!

Faye, Head of Campaigns

I was the Campaigns Sabbatical Officer this year and next year I am looking forward to supporting and listening to students.

Jodie, Head of Programming & 6th Form Engagement

I was the Jewish Enrichment and Engagement Sabbatical Officer this year and I'm looking forward to inspiring 6th formers to be involved in Jewish life on campus when they move to university and working on a programme of exciting national events.

Guy, Campaigns Sabbatical Officer

I am at the University of Oxford, studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics.
I'm really excited to meet loads of students and advocate for their interests, making Jewish student life safer and more enjoyable.

Dora, Liberation & Jewish Enrichment Sabbatical Officer

I'm at University of Sheffield studying Philosophy.

I'm excited about getting to meet enthusiastic and passionate students and being able to support and empower them. 

David, Israel Engagement Sabbatical Officer

I study Politics at the University of Leeds. 

I can’t wait to share my knowledge and passion for anything ‘Israel’ with students up and down the country, and look forward to working with J-Socs to make it all happen!

Grace, Social Action & Interfaith Sabbatical Officer

I’m at Leeds Beckett University studying Business Management with Marketing.

I’m really excited to meet so many new people and J-Socs across the country as well as to remain involved in Jewish life on campus after graduating. I can't wait to run the interfaith and social action events and initiatives on campus next year.

Sarah, Membership Engagement Sabbatical Officer

I go to the University of Birmingham and study History.

I’m excited to meet lots of new people and see what all our J-Soc’s have to offer.





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