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Feeling inspired and ready to go: Grace looks back on Chazon

The UJS team spent three weeks in a training period called Chazon, with one week spent in Israel to develop our knowledge of Israel Engagement, one of our core values. We did this through a number of different tracks, including social action, cultural, political, interfaith and Holocaust education.  

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President’s Update, 1 of 12: July, feat. team training and getting ready


New year, new team, and we can’t wait to start delivering for Jewish students across the UK and Ireland!

It is really important to us that you, the students, know what we are getting up to and that we are fulfilling our commitment to represent Jewish students on campus. Over the next 12 months you can expect to see monthly ‘what have we done’ blogs from me, your President, to keep you updated on everything we’ve been up to.

So here’s a rundown of what’s gone on at UJS so far…

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Let's talk about getting high...


Excuse the slightly predictable pun in the title of this blog post, but I want to talk about getting high. Not the kind that you might be thinking, but literally high - physically up in the trees.

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Thank you - it's been a privilege

Despite being Treasurer of Bristol J-Soc in my first year, I only got involved with UJS because my J-Soc President at the time decided to go on the Bristol Students’ Union ski trip, meaning I was ‘encouraged’ to attend NUS National Conference in 2014.

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Here's what I'm taking from my year as UJS President

I am so lucky to be able to write this at the end of the greatest year of my life so far.It is human nature to place others in boxes: it makes them easier to understand and predict their views, but over the last year as UJS President, I have learnt how damaging this can be. 

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Tragedy brings us together: global Jewish unity in the wake of terror


Above all else, tragedy brings us together. Having spent the past 10 days participating in the European Union of Jewish Students’ delegation to Brussels and Washington DC for the AJC's Global Forum, alongside 37 young Jewish leaders from across the continent, I became only too aware of the vastly different experiences of the Jewish people from country to country.

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Interfaith work plants seeds of hope for our generation

When I recently told people I had begun working at Three Faiths Forum, the UK’s leading Interfaith organisation, I was met with comments saying how that is so good of me ESPECIALLY because of what is happening in the global political landscape at this time.

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It's not goodbye, it's see you soon

I am not quite sure if words can sum up my year. UJS has helped to shape and inspire the past 4 years of my life and that is all down to the previous and dedicated leaders that helped to inspire me.

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Goodbye for now

Wow. What a year. Words serve as an inadequate vessel to accurately capture how fantastic it has been working with you this past year. I’ve been moved by the dedication every one of you has shown to your fellow students. 

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When I was on the Manchester J-Soc committee in my first year, I went on UJS Summit and found an organisation that was Jewish, pluralist, peer lead, Zionist and activist — the same characteristics of another organisation that means a lot to me.

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