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Disappointment following BDS vote at Manchester

We are extremely disappointed that students on Manchester Students’ Union’s Senate voted to reject peace, dialogue, and coexistence, in favour of a divisive BDS campaign that left many Jewish students present in a state of distress.

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'Love thy neighbour as thyself': a guiding force in UJS

‘Jewish students are about as homogenous as a pick n’ mix.’

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UJS response to antisemitism at the University of Cambridge

The UJS statement in response to the recent antisemitic attack at the University of Cambridge is as follows: ‘No Jewish student should have to experience what these students have described, and the fact that this disgraceful incident happened at the University of Cambridge only proves that antisemitism can rear its ugly head on any campus.

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I can't clean my boots

This blog also appeared on Medium.

Earlier this year I was invited by the Union of Jewish Students to join the Holocaust Educational Trust on their “Lessons from Auschwitz” programme.

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Get out, debate and vote for your union to represent who you are!

Twice in the last year, democracy has shown its unpredictability. Whatever your politics are, I think it’s safe to say that millions of people across the world were on the edge of their seats watching the recent American election, and the same can be said for the Brexit referendum.

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Announcing the Presidential candidates

With nominations now closed, we are excited to give formal notice of the candidates for the forthcoming Presidential election:

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Reconciling feminism and interfaith work on campus

This guest blog also appeared in the Jewish News.

When I first ran for election as National Women's Officer in April this year, I never anticipated that the political landscape would evolve into what it is today.

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City SU chooses to turn away from productive dialogue

Disappointment that City SU choose to turn away from productive dialogue

UJS are disappointed that City Students’ Union chose to support a motion raising awareness of BDS rather than seeking positive dialogue and practical solutions to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

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Students’ Union representatives join HET Lessons from Auschwitz Project

On Tuesday, representatives from students’ unions across the country and the National Union of Students went on a day-trip to Poland where they joined the Holocaust Educational Trust's Lessons From Auschwitz project.

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UJS President addresses members of the European Parliament

Today Josh Seitler, the UJS President, addressed the European Parliament's Working Group on Antisemitism (WGAS) at a meeting titled 'Youth Voices: Challenges, Opportunities and an Uncertain Future.'

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