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Pizza in the Park

A recap by Jodie

We were so excited to hold our first national in person event in over a year and a half! Our pizza in the park event brought nearly 100 Jewish students to Hendon park to enjoy food, good tunes and (of course) great company. 

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A blog by Shayna: Summer U In Rome

For me, connecting with other Jewish students has always been at the center of my Jewish experiences. Having the chance to engage in spaces where Judaism transcends linguistic and regional barriers is amazing.

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The Beginning of a New Year: Antisemitism Awareness Training

As we enter the summer period, most people would think it is a quiet time for students when they have gone home, exams are over. So, what does that mean for UJS? Well, I can tell you that it is not a quiet period for us. 

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New Pres, Who Dis?

Hi everyone, my name is Nina. Bristol graduate, massive keeno and now UJS President.  

I took what you could say is a conventional approach into Jewish student activism: Jewish school, youth movement, UJS Fresher’s Trip, J-Soc President and so on. As I have moved through each stage of my UJS journey, my keenness and belief in UJS has only grown.  

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Goodbye Mr President

Having been the only UJS President (that I know of) to have started the year working from home, it seems only fitting that I write this blog ending my year as UJS President working from home as well.

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Gil Rubin Leaving Blog

This year has left me with nothing but a deeply felt sense of inspiration and reassurance. Inspiration because of the many young Jewish student leaders I have had the privilege of working with and supporting, and a strong reassurance that the future of the Jewish community is in the safest hands possible, as you will all go on to lead it to ever greater heights.

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Bradley Langer Leaving Blog

Six years ago, I entered my university’s fresher fair and joined the Jewish society.  Looking back, this small decision has had the biggest of impacts on my life.   

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My Thoughts on The Current Situation in Israel for Jewish Students in the UK

Ahead of Shabbat and Shavuot, I wanted to give my thoughts on the situation for Jewish students right now.

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Bristol - Hate Off Campus

*Last updated 4/10/2021

On Friday 1st October the University of Bristol made a statement regarding the investigation into Professor Miller's employment. 'We can confirm that from today (Friday 1 October) Professor David Miller is no longer employed by the University of Bristol.'

UJS released a statement on the decision, along with many other community organisations. 'UJS and Bristol Jewish Society are delighted to see that a decision has finally been made by Bristol University regarding Professor David Miller.'


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