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Israel's Judicial Reforms 2023 Timeline

Since the introduction and proposition of the laws, protests have been occurring across Israel. They have now reached more than 28 weeks with 100s of 1000s gathering in the streets. 

Here is a timeline of the events of the last 28+ weeks. 

4th January 2023

Yariv Levin (Justice Minister, Likud) announces his plans to reform the judiciary in the Knesset 




7th January 2023
First week of protests start in HaBima Square, Tel Aviv. Around 20,000 attend

14th January 2023
A second protest takes place in HaBima Square. 80,000 now attend

14 Jan - 11 Feb 2023
Protests continue each week on Saturday nights after Shabbat. Up to 150,000 now gather in Kaplan street, Tel Aviv

8th February 2023
Simcha Rothman (Chair of the Knesset's Constitution, Law, and Justice committee, Likud) announces that the committee will be voting to refer reform laws to the Knesset as a whole

13th February 2023
The Constitution, Law and Justice Committee votes on referring the reforms to the wider Knesset. 100,000 protest, with major industries going on strike. The committee votes 9-7 in favour of moving the reforms to a legislative vote

1st March 2023
Organisers of the weekly protests designate the 1st of March as a 'national day of disruption' which included attempts to block the Ayalon (the main highway through Tel Aviv)

5th March 2023

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara are set for an official trip to Rome. In an apparent statement against the government's plans, no ElAl Pilots (who usually fly the PM) volunteered to fly them to Rome

9th March 2023
Protest organisers call a 'National Day of Resistance' and successfully block the Ayalon, as well as convoys of cars blocking the route to Ben Gurion Airport - delaying the Prime Minister's travel to Rome

11th March 2023
Up to 240,000 are now attending the weekly protests

25th March 2023

Defence Minister Yoav Gallant (Likud) suggests pausing the reforms due to increasing "clear, immediate and tangible threat to Israel's security" as a result of the societal divisions

26th March 2023

Netanyahu announces his intention to fire Gallant for his criticisms. Spontaneous protests erupt, and the Histadrut (the largest trade union) announces a general strike the following day.

Note: Gallant never left his position and is still currently Defence Minister (24/7/23)





27th March 2023

Israeli President Isaac Herzog makes a rare political public statement calling for a halt to the proposed legislation, and for unity compromise talks between the government and opposition. 

Netanyahu then announces that the legislation will be paused for a month in order to minimise social division ahead of the Pesach holidays. 

While Itamar Ben-Gvir (National Security Minister, Otzma Yehudit) threatened to leave the government if any halt was announced, he stays in government appeased with the power to now form a 'National Guard'

Protests still continue for the next month.

Right Wing Protestors demonstrate in Jerusalem demanding the government not fold on the reforms following the announcement of the pause.

April and May 2023

Thousands continue to attend protests against the reforms despite the pause

3rd April 2023

Protestors gather outside the President's residence in favour of the reforms.


27th April 2023
200,000 supporters gather outside the Knesset to demonstrate in favour. Speakers at the event include Yariv Levin and Itamar Ben-Gvir, and Bezalel Smotrich.

26th June 2023
The Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice committee announces its plan to advance a singular part of the reforms - the removal of the 'reasonableness standard' - to a legislative vote. This would remove the power of the supreme court to hault the actions of a Government that it deems 'unreasonable'

5th July 2023
Amichai Eshed, Chief of Police in Tel Aviv, resigns following reports Ben-Gvir will fire him for not being foreceful enough against anti-government protestors.

11th July 2023
Following the first reading of the law to remove the 'reasonableness standard' mass protests erupt blocking major highways and Ben Gurion Airport

18th July 2023
Protest organisers announce their intention to march from Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv (the centre of the weekly protests) to the Knesset ahead of the legislation's final reading. Tens of Thousands take part in the march to Jerusalem

24th July 2023
The law to remove the 'reasonableness standard' is passed in its final reading 64-0. Opposition MKs boycotted the final vote.

Demonstrations appear across Israel blocking the Ayalon, and major junctions.