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Sadaka Reut



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We are Palestinian and Jewish activists in Sadaka-Reut, who work together to build bi-national partnership in the society we live in. This partnership will be achieved by recognizing and taking responsibility for the inherent injustice in our current reality and by correcting this injustice as the foundation for a shared future for both peoples, together with other minorities that live in Israel.

The relations between the Jewish majority and the Palestinian minority in Israel are influenced by civil inequality and by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A resolution of the conflict seems a distant hope. In the meantime, laws encourage the delegitimization of Palestinian citizens and widen the gulf between the two groups. We hold the state directly responsible for the policy of discrimination and separation and for the widening mistrust between Jews and Palestinians. In the face of this reality, there are too few organizations that challenge separation and alienation, and too few groups that work together to end the conflict.

As Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel, and as activists, we feel that it is our responsibility to correct the current reality. Our work is based on our sense of belonging to our people, and on the belief that partnership, solidarity and a joint struggle are the only way to secure real change and build a more just and egalitarian society.

Sadaka-Reut was founded in 1983 by a group of Jewish and Palestinian students. Since then, it has been active in various parts of the country. Our activities focus on educating youths to be politically and socially active and on creating a bi-national community of activists for social change.