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Herzl Center and Museum




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The Herzl Center for Zionist Studies was established to promote education about Theodor Herzl. Intended as a comprehensive interactive experience, the Center teaches audiences about the man who stood as the foundational figure of the Zionist ideology we know today.

The Center offers a wide range of programs, each one designed to fit the needs of its target audience. The programs have flexible timeframes ranging from several hours to several days and are geared, among other things, towards groups of all denominations wanting to enhance their familiarity with Zionism.

One of the Center’s goals is to create a bridge between past and present. Through a unique range of activities, we bring Herzl’s Zionist vision to the younger generation. Passing on his legacy is an important part of ensuring a Jewish future with hope, values and imagination.

The Herzl Museum provides a unique audio-visual encounter with the visionary of the Jewish State. It offers a thought-provoking, hour-long tour about the state of the Jews according to Herzl. A visit to the Museum allows all to share in Herzl’s daring aspirations, his deep disappointments and his turbulent personal journey.