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About the Israel Portal

The content of this site has been collected in partnership with campus providers to provide a broad spectrum and variety of perspectives on every topic covered in this portal.

UJS has four core values – Peer-leadership, representation, cross-communalism and Israel engagement. These core values have guided the editorial and decision making on content within this portal.

There will no doubt be content that you disagree with. There may be content that makes you feel uncomfortable. We would encourage you to engage with that content, to allow yourself to be challenged and to use that to shape and improve not only your knowledge, but your understanding of different perspectives shared within this portal.

The content within this portal should not be taken as representative of UJS, or our supporters (including UJIA). This content is representative only of the creators of the item you view.

There is a broad tent contained within this portal. The portal will not allow content based on the following parameters:

  • that actively seek to delegitimise the existence of the State of Israel
  •  that ignore or minimise the challenge that the State of Israel faces to keep its citizens safe and secure
  •  that glorify violence or terrorism
  •  that express racist views or other views that prejudicially target groups or characteristics protected by UK equality law

Should you wish to highlight content that should be added to the portal, or raise any concerns about an item currently contained within the portal, please email [email protected] with the subject “Digital Israel Portal”, outlining the reason it should be removed, and the area or areas above which it violates.

Your support and engagement with our Israel content is always appreciated.

You can read more about UJS here, and about our core partner to the Digital Israel Portal UJIA, here.