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Peace and Conflict

The story of Lt. Col. Salman Habaka, responsible for killing dozens of terrorists on October 7, who dies fighting Hamas

By Linoy Barokas UJS Shlicha 

Based on:  https://www.skynews.com.au/world-news/hero-senior-israeli-soldier-lt-col-salman-habaka-33-responsible-for-killing-dozens-of-terrorists-on-october-7-dies-fighting-hamas/news-story/cd7c430a456078664088c658eede5eeb  

Lieutenant Colonel Salman Habaka, 33 years old, senior member of the Israeli's Defence Forces was one of the first to respond when at least 2,500 terrorists stormed over the border. It is understood he was responsible for killing dozens of terrorists. 

Salman was among the first Israeli troops to arrive in Israel’s south as the full scope and horror of Hamas’s attack emerged, and later described his part in the fighting in Be’eri in a video interview. 

"I am proud of my soldiers; I got real hero fighters in my team. They arrived very quickly to the tanks, acted fast, decisively and with true belligerence as I expect from them. Our hand will remain the upper hand at all times, and we will not allow the inhuman and cowardly behavior of these morons to crush our spirit. We will rise stronger with unity and strength and hit them back," he said. 

"On Saturday morning, while I was at home and so was half of the battalion after the holiday eve, I received a call from at 7:00am. He told me that there was a volley from Gaza towards the country. After about 20 minutes, I received a message from the Major General that the situation in the south is very serious, and that they need us. I wrote to him: 'whatever is needed'. I activated the battalion, quickly organized myself and said goodbye to my wife and son. I chose to go with two more tanks to Be'eri because I realized that the kibbutz is in a more difficult situation than others. I know Be'eri very well, from green it turned black. I promised myself to do everything to save as much as possible, if necessary, also in our own bodies." 

Salman Belongs to the Druze community and lived in the Druze village of Yanuh-Jat in the western Galilee. Salman fell during a battle with terrorists in the Gaza Strip. He left behind a wife, a two-year-old boy, three brothers and two sisters. 

His funeral was attended by ministers, members of the Knesset, dignitaries of the Druze community, family members, villagers and many others came to say goodbye to the officer. 

"A very heavy weight fell on the country and the Druze community with the fall of Salman, who led forces of fighters to save civilians and soldiers," the head of the Druze community, Sheikh Muafek Tarif, paid tribute to him. "Salman's battle legacy was written on the first day of the fighting, as a commander who believed in the rightness of the way. Salman, as always, moved first and led the tank convoy." 

This story, one of many, describes the resilience of Israeli society and its diversity. The amazing photos attached, show thousands of the Druze community who came to pay their last respects to Salman and believe in his actions as an officer who fought for the State of Israel. May his memory be a blessing.