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Peace and Conflict

TOP 5 Songs from Israel

By Adi Peled, UJS Senior Shlicha

1. Letzet midika'on - Yagel Oshri 

If in the recent period you happened to see TikTok videos from Israel of soldiers returning home to their parents, this song was probably in the background. The song speaks about better days that are yet to come and the stars that will still light the way home.

Gil's brother lost his significant other at a party on October 7th, and therefore, the song touched many. Even in the midst of the greatest pain, there is always hope for the better.


2. Harbudarbu - Ness & Stilla 

"Harbu Deruvo" is a drill song containing lyrics urging the Israel Defense Forces to attack terrorist organizations involved in the full force of the Iron Sword war. In the chorus, the song lists the names of IDF forces in the war, while at its end, the song mentions terrorist operatives Hassan Nasrallah, Mohammed Deif, and Ismail Haniyeh, along with the model Bella Hadid, the singer Dua Lipa, and others who expressed their support for the Palestinian side in the war, alongside the chant "Every dog has its day" (Arabic: "كل كلب بيومه").

The phrase "Harbu Deruvo" as used in the song is a distortion of the Arabic phrase (harb wa darb - war and strike). It evolved from Hebrew slang and became associated with the Iron Sword war+ following the release of a recording that was widely circulated within the IDF network, where a commander urged his soldiers: "Here's the mission – an attack and a Hamas decision... Harbu Deruvo."

The song became a massive hit due to its catchy rhythm and its boost to morale among soldiers and the Israeli public in general during the conflict.


3. Yihiye Tov+ Clear Waters - Omer Adam and Jasmin Moallem 

On September 5, 2023, a version combining both songs titled 'After the success of each song separately. The song achieved significant success and became associated with the Iron Sword conflict, which erupted on October 7, 2023, a few months after its release.

The song speaks about the belief that eventually, everything will be alright despite the long and painful journey; everything passes, and flowers will bloom. It provided great

hope during a difficult and tumultuous time and serves as a reminder of the reality we had before October 7th and what will come after.


4. We'll Meet In The Next Life - Ravid Plotnik 

The song was written in memory of Gali Balali, who tragically passed away in the flash flood at Nahal Tzafit on April 26, 2018, along with nine other teenagers during a bonding trip organized by the Bnei Zion pre-military academy. Balali was a fan of the artist Plotnik, and after her death, her parents allowed him to read some of the songs she had written

The song regained popularity on radio stations as it served as a farewell song to a beloved person, expressing the singer's wish for the departed girl to find peace in the afterlife.


5. The Nation Of Israel Lives – Eyal Golan 

The song was released shortly after the war began, a song of hope for the return of the Captives and for all the soldiers to come home in peace. It speaks about how Israel will look in a few years, about unity and hope among the people. All proceeds from the song will be donated to the Eran Association, which provides humanitarian assistance, offering lifesaving first aid over the phone and online. The service is available to the entire Israeli public, across all sectors, ages, in any distress, and in various languages, provided anonymously and immediately, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.