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Yuval4Pit - Saving and Rehabilitating Dangerous Dogs


The Association for the Dangerous Dogs, also known as Yuval4Pit, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of fighting dogs and dogs of dangerous breeds. Founded by Yuval, this organization is on a mission to save and rehabilitate dangerously aggressive dogs found in Israel, including the Palestinian areas. With a deep love for dogs and a unique ability to connect with them, Yuval works tirelessly to bring about positive change in the lives of these mistreated animals.


Rescue and Rehabilitation

Yuval's approach involves rescuing fighting dogs, abandoned and neglected dogs from various locations. His kindness and patience help these dogs regain their trust in humans, making many of them suitable for adoption into loving families. For those dogs that cannot be adopted due to their traumatic pasts and aggressive training, Yuval provides a lifelong home on his rehabilitation farm.


Social Projects and Education

In addition to rescue and rehabilitation, Yuval is actively engaged in social projects and educational programs in schools. These initiatives aim to foster tolerance and compassion toward animals. Yuval collaborates with institutions such as the army and police without seeking any monetary compensation.


Financial Support

Unlike government-funded animal rescue organizations, Yuval4Pit relies solely on donations for its survival and success. Yuval actively collects financial contributions, building materials, food, medicine, and medical treatments to support the dogs in his care.


Vered Shapira's Contribution

Vered Shapira, an animal activist, played a pivotal role in Yuval's journey. Their friendship began when Vered entrusted Yuval with a homeless dog. This marked the start of Yuval's rescue efforts, and he gradually built the first rehabilitation sanctuary for dangerous dogs.


A Lifelong Mission

Yuval's commitment to saving dangerous dogs began after a tragic incident involving a four-year-old girl and a family dog in 2004. The incident prompted legislation regarding aggressive dog breeds. Yuval emphasizes that these dogs are not naturally vicious but are made to be so through cruel training by humans.


The Ariel Farm

After years of moving from place to place and facing numerous challenges, Yuval finally received a generous donation—a large agricultural area in the Western Galilee hills. This space became the foundation for Ariel Farm, which is poised to become the largest rehabilitation farm for "dangerous" dog breeds.


Support Yuval4Pit

Yuval's dedication to rescuing and rehabilitating dangerous dogs has made a significant impact on the lives of these animals. Support Yuval and his mission to provide a second chance to dogs in need by donating and getting involved. Your contribution can help create a brighter future for these misunderstood and mistreated animals.


Yuval's Website: https://www.yuval4pit.org.il/