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Peace and Conflict

Israel Faces Escalating Terror: Bloodiest Eight Months Since Second Intifada

In eight months of this year, it has become the bloodiest one since the Second Intifada nearly 20 years ago.

In recent weeks, political and security officials have been putting out impressive statistics about hundreds or thousands of thwarted terror attacks, arrests, seized illegal weapons, and seized terror funds.

By themselves, these statistics are very impressive, and no matter what, they show that the security establishment is working overtime and doing its utmost to protect Israel.

The problem is, these statistics do not occur in a vacuum; there are others.

Four terror attacks took place between Wednesday and Thursday, two of them in central areas that cannot be categorized into being limited to the West Bank. In eight months of this year, it has become the bloodiest one since the Second Intifada nearly 20 years ago.

Sergeant Maxim Mulchanov, a lone soldier from Ukraine was the soldier murdered in Thursday’s terror attack at the Maccabim checkpoint, according to the family and an IDF confirmation.

His parents released a statement to The Jerusalem Post via Chabad Rebbetzin Miriam Moskovitz of their local Chabad house in Kharkiv, Ukraine, saying “he was a very honest and very open person, always out to help.

"Just a year ago, he helped a child who needed a bone marrow transplant in Germany. They did a whole procedure. He was very proud not only that he was in the army, but in a combat role and fighting on the front lines.”

The funeral is expected to be in Israel, which in itself will be a brutal journey for the family. Kharkiv is close to the Russian border and in a no-fly zone. As a result, the family must travel 14 hours by car to the nearest airport in order to reach Israel, according to the Rebbetzin.

The attack occurred on the central Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Route 443 highway on Thursday morning and resulted in six others injured - including three soldiers - alongside the murdered soldier.

The terrorist was killed at the following checkpoint where soldiers awaited his arrival.

MK Yair Lapid, opposition head apologized to Mulchanov on X: "My heart is broken, Sergeant Maxim Mulchanov who immigrated from Ukraine, was murdered this morning in an attack at the Maccabim checkpoint by a despicable terrorist." Lapid asked to "send condolences to his family and friends in their most difficult time."

Ofir Sofer, Aliyah and Integration Minister, tweeted in Mulchanov's memory.  "We deeply mourn the loss of Sergeant Maxim Mulchanov, who tragically fell during the harsh attack today at the Maccabim checkpoint.