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Peace and Conflict

State of War in Israel - KEY UPDATES

With thanks to the World Jewish Congress. 


Here's what you need to know:

Saturday morning, when Jews mark the Sabbath and the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah, Israel was subjected to an intense,
unprovoked, and indiscriminate rocket barrage from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Simultaneously, dozens of terrorists
managed to breach the fence demarcating the border and infiltrate Israeli territory. According to reports their actions have
resulted in hundreds of fatalities, thousands of wounded and reports of over a hundred civilians taken hostage.

This represents a dramatic escalation of Hamas’ ongoing war targeting Israel’s civilian population of Israel – with Saturday
marking the bloodiest day in the country’s history.

Israeli soldiers continue to fight Hamas inside Israel, particularly at the southern border, where Palestinian terrorists infiltrate
over the porous Gaza border. As of Monday morning, the military has regained control of all Gaza border towns, but there are
still pockets of terrorists in the area, including several who entered overnight. The IDF's current mission is to clear the
suspected terrorists from Gaza border towns, cease combat on Israeli territory, bring hostages back safely, control security
barrier breaches, and continue strikes on terror sites in Gaza.

The IDF successfully attacked over 800 targets in airstrikes, it has devastated Hamas' capabilities. The number of rockets fired
into Israeli territory on Sunday has decreased, with periodic barrages targeting areas closer to the Gaza Strip throughout the
day. However, major rocket strikes from Gaza targeted regions as far as 50 kilometres from the border; while many were
intercepted by the Iron Dome, direct impacts on homes, civilians and inside populous areas were also registered.

Western governments and leaders continue to support Israel, with many condemning Hamas's attacks as well as the
deliberate abduction and targeting of civilians. While Israel and the diaspora mourn hundreds of deaths and express solidarity,
street rallies, and pro-Palestinian protests have sprung up around the world, applauding Hamas's terror, and labeling it as