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Massive Israeli Protests Against Judicial Overhaul as Netanyahu Departs for US

Thousands of Israelis across the nation rallied against the government's judicial overhaul in a 37th week of protests, coinciding with a demonstration at Ben Gurion Airport as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu embarked on his journey to the United States. In Tel Aviv, demonstrators kicked off the evening with what they dubbed "The Victory of Democracy March" from Independence Hall on Rothschild Boulevard, the very place where Israel's establishment was declared, to the primary protest location on Kaplan Street. Many protesters wore white attire in honourĀ of the Rosh Hashanah holiday, while others prominently displayed a banner reading, "The dictatorship will collapse."

Amid this widespread demonstration of discontent, some protesters carried a sizable replica of the Declaration of Independence. The Kaplan Force group issued a statement, declaring, "It's a duty to stand up against those who scorn the Declaration of Independence and are turning Israel into a dictatorship."

These protests were not limited to Tel Aviv alone; smaller demonstrations occurred in numerous locations throughout the country, including Jerusalem, Haifa, Rehovot, Eilat, Karkur, Kiryat Tevon, and more. The focus of activists this week has firmly shifted to America, with plans to confront the Prime Minister wherever he goes during his visit to the United States.