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Yesh Atid to Hold Primaries in December

The Yesh Atid party made a significant announcement on Monday, revealing its plans to conduct primaries for the first time in its 11-year history since Yair Lapid founded it. The primaries for the party's leadership are set to take place in December during a Yesh Atid conference. 


To be eligible for nomination submission, party rules dictate that members must have maintained continuous membership with Yesh Atid for a minimum of three years, with no convictions for scandalous offenses or ongoing prosecutions. This move towards greater democracy within the party was highlighted by Lapid, who expressed, "We made Yesh Atid democratic today because it is a necessary step in our maturation as a political party." 


The incumbent leader, Yair Lapid, will face a challenge from MK Ram Ben Barak, the former head of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. So far, he is the sole contender in the race. 


The Yesh Atid conference consists of approximately 750 members, including activists, MKs, and party leaders. Ben Barak welcomed Lapid's decision, stating, "As I previously stated, I informed the party's election committee this evening that I intend to submit my candidacy for the position. According to the election regulations, it is necessary to obtain 75 signatures from among the members of the conference, and I intend to do so