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Noa Dayan

Noa Dayan is a Shlicha of the Jewish Agency to UJS,
covering the north of England and Scotland.


Noa was born and raised in Jerusalem. In the military, she
served for three years as a sorting and placement officer
and spearheaded the identification and review of candidates
with outstanding abilities, special talents, and life
circumstances and ensured each one was assigned to the
right department in the force.


After the military service, Noa took part in the Jewish Agency
Shlichut to a summer camp in the US where she taught
Israeli culture, values, and Hebrew to children.


Noa worked as an El Al international flight attendant for two
years. She studied International Relations and Plurilingualism
at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.


Noa can speak about Israeli identity and society, Mizrahi and
Sepharadi Jews, Arabs of Israel, and Israeli identity on

email: [email protected]

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