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As of November 1, 2021, individual tourists will be allowed to enter Israel


The coronavirus pandemic has brought travel to Israel to a halt. Now industry workers and travel lovers are left wondering: when will Israel to Israel resume? As of fall 2021, Israel is re-opening and there are separate regulations for group and individual travel. From November 2021, the most dramatic change in Israel’s entry policy since the start of the pandemic means that most tourists will be able to enter Israel. This article will keep you up-to-date on all the changes and more.

Updated on October 29, 2021. The re-opening from November 1, 2021 has been approved by the Israeli Government.


The regulations around who can travel to Israel are constantly changing. Read on for the most up-to-date policies for the upcoming months.

As of November 1, 2021, individual tourists will be allowed to enter Israel as long as they meet one of the following conditions:

  • Fully vaccinated (within 6 months of the second shot or after a 3rd shot) with Pfizer vaccine (latest vaccine should be given at least 7 days before arrival and within 180 days of leaving Israel)
  • Or be Fully vaccinated (two shots) of the Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Sinovak and Sinopharm vaccine (latest vaccine should be given at least 14 days before arrival and within 180 days of leaving Israel).
  • Or be Fully vaccinated (one shot) of the Jansen vaccine (latest vaccine should be given at least 14 days before arrival and within 180 days of leaving Israel).
  • Or be Recovered from covid and present of a results from a positive result in a NAAT test (molecular test such as PCR), at least 11 days before entering the country and within 180 days of leaving Israel
  • Or be Recovered from Covid (and can present a positive test result) and have received at least 1 dose of a WHO approved vaccine will be able to enter. The positive covid result must be at least 11 days before arrival and within 180 days of leaving Israel.

Tourists will be able to enter from:

  • All countries which are not considered a “red” country by Israel’s Ministry of Health (either directly or have been there in the two weeks before travel to Israel).
  • There are currently no “red” countries.
  • Travel with a connecting flight which passes through a red country is not considered entering from a red country as long as you did not physically enter the country (leave the airport).
  • Currently, entry is only possible to airports (not via the borders with Jordan and Egypt).

All visitors traveling to Israel need to complete an incoming passenger form up to 24 hours before flying to Israel. In this form they should either:

  • Upload an approved digital vaccination or recovery certificate (EU countries, UK, and others) and receive an approval to travel boarding the flight. This approval should be automatic.
  • Or enter their vaccinations on the incoming passenger form and fill an additional form for shortening isolation, to which you should attach the vaccination confirmations, and receive a green pass before boarding the flight.

Once individual tourists are allowed to travel to Israel on November 1, most Israel package tours and regular tours will resume. We do not recommend booking until it is clear what the travel regulations are. The information above is of course, subject to change. Sign up for updates at the bottom of this page to stay updated.

Tourists who do not have a valid vaccine (beyond six months or without a third vaccine), will be able to enter Israel in groups of 5+ from a later date under the covid groups program (families, friends, etc). Beyond the PCR tests on landing and up to 72 hours before return, rapid antigen tests will be required at the entrance to tourism sites if the previous PCR test was taken more than 72 hours earlier.


PCR tests are required for all travelers to Israel:

  1. 72 hours before departure to Israel. Required to board the flight along with the entry declaration which must be filled in within 24 hours of flight.
  2. At the airport, upon arrival in Israel. This is required to leave the airport. After leaving the airport, you must go to your hotel or place of accommodation and remain in isolation until the results are received. This can take up to 24 hours but usually takes 5-6 hours.
  3. 72 hours before departure from Israel as well as completing an exit declaration up to 24 hours before flight. Read on for how to get a Covid test in Israel for more information.


With regulations changing constantly, read about how to get a Covid test in Israel for precise information about the testing on arrival to and departure from Israel. Before leaving Israel, carrying out a Door-to-Door Covid test or visiting the Tel Aviv covid test center helps avoid the hassle of going to a hospital or an extra trip to the airport.