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Haim Hefer - The Last War

Haim Hefer - The Last War



Haim Hefer was an Israeli songwriter, poet and writer.

He wrote over 1,000 songs and poems and was awarded the Israel Prize, the state's highest cultural honour for his contribution to Israeli culture. He passed away over the Rosh Hashannah holiday in 2012 at the age of 86.

Hefer wrote some of Israel's most popular songs, including the following “The Last War” which was written after the Yom Kippur War. Hefer said it was written from a place of optimism. After what he had seen in that war he thought 'we should insist and demand that this will be the last of our wars'.

The song is a powerful and optimistic piece with a poignant message for troubled times.



For all the tank corps soldiers with their dusty faces
Who survived all the enemy fire and grueling fighting,

For all the sailors who attacked the ports,
Their eyes caked heavily with salt from the seas.

I promise you - my little girl,
That this will be the last war.

For the pilots who broke through the deadly battle
And were hit by rocket fire and ac-ac guns,

For the paratroopers who, amid lead and smoke,
Saw you overhead, like an angel.

For the artillerymen who, in the hailstorm of mortars
Stood like a pillar of fire along the frontline,

For the medics [and] doctors who, with all their soul and strength
Restored breath and life itself, returning blood.

For the signalmen whose voice cut through the nights,

For all the forces and women soldiers,

For all the fathers who went into battle
And want to return home to you...

I promise you - my little girl,
That this will be the last war.