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Noa Dayan

Hi everyone, my name is Noa, I am the new Jewish Agency Shlicha to UJS, covering Northern England and Scotland.
I have recently graduated with a BA in International Relations and Plurilingualism from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.

I was born and raised in Jerusalem. Growing up in this beautiful and complex city had shaped many of my views as I was surrounded by a massive variety of cultures and religions while learning to recognize the components of my own Jewish identity.

In the military, I served for three years as a sorting and placement officer and spearheaded the identification and review of candidates with outstanding abilities, special talents, and life circumstances and ensured each one was assigned to the right department in the force.
After the military service, I took part in the Jewish Agency Shlichut to a summer camp in the US where I taught Israeli culture, values, and Hebrew to children.

I worked as an El Al international flight attendant for two years, during which I had the privilege of exploring many new places and cultures around the world and the opportunity of getting to know the mixture of people who come to Israel and some of their unique, individual stories.

I love getting to know new cultures and learning new languages. I can’t wait to work with the students on campuses while exploring and developing our connection to Israel together!


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